Business Branding

Business Branding How to promote your business through branding and market your brand.

Branding a business is going to be the key to your business success. This is done by your business logo. Recognition of a business brand logo will draw in customers and help your business succeed.

Though many people think business branding can be scary yet once you have the logo design for your business branding, the rest is a piece of cake.

#1. Design a business logo. Make sure it reflects a style or design that is relative to your line of work or one that really stands out from others. It can even be something very simple. look at the major companies, McDonalds with the golden arches, Verizon, Nikeour children even recognize branding of companies before they can even read!

#2. Use the same logo on every advertisement and items you produce. Your brand should never change. Consistent use of a brand will promote business recognition. You can have different designs using the same branding element.

#3 Order marketing materials which will reinforce brand recognition. Flyers, brochures, hats, shirts, signs, vehicle wraps and magnets, all printable marketing materials including envelopes, stationary and business cards. One possible thought is designing your own stamps with your business logo on them which are available now through the postal service. USE them.

#4. Find ways for your business logo to be seen by the public. Public media services like television, business banners at events, car magnets, bumper stickers, banners for exchange links on web sites. Again put your branding on everything you do. Make sure your logo is easily seen to create your brand.

#5. Give gifts. Give gifts to network with other business, families and friends using your logo. Cups, mugs, coasters, matches and even M&Ms are available over the Internet. Everyone loves M&M candies and with your logo as a giftthey will think about you and your business every time they eat one. whatever it may be, think about things that people will see on a daily basis and not stick something in a drawer somewhere.

Once your branding is concrete and you have several different designs using that branding there are three steps to making your branding successful.

1. A Web site design based on your branding. The look and feel will make people know they are at the right place while surfing on the web.

2. Make your printable merchandise and advertising based around your branding logo and your web site design.

3. Now market your branding in every way you can think of. one way I have asked companies through business consulting to push their branding is through company shirts with their logo on it. They come in all varieties and look professional and there is a liability that employees are accountable for when wearing a company shirt. Also people will begin to recognize your company imageand even ask questions!