Why did I change the site?

There  are many reasons I recently updated and changed this site. Web development over the past few years has drastically changed since I started. Just in the past 5 years it has really drastically changed, leaning towards content management systems (managed by clients through a browser).

We used to build content management systems and web sites from the ground up and would end up costing someone hundreds or thousands of dollars to do what is out there on the web now in managing your own web site or building one from software (that didnt need updating every year). Competition was even stiff for the big players out there, that I have seen their pricing for software go from hundreds of dollars.fall to $0just to keep in the game.

However over the years I have tested and know how some of these workum.and dont work..so I am here to tell you before you ask the question of WHY pay for the cow when you can have the milk for free? In some of my upcoming tutorials I will post some reviews on FREE software and why maybe you should reconsider FREE and what that might mean, how it CAN hurt you in the long run, hurt your search engine rankings and what ARE the good low cost or FREE ones that can benefit you IF used in the right way.

Doing this type of work as any other business..you have to keep up with what is in demand, affordable, has long term value, is a solid foundation and keeping up to date while the internet grows. Thats my job is to provide these services for you and let you run your personal / business life.