Free Graphic and Photo Editing Software

Looking for a free program to edit photos? There is an absolutely FREE photo editing program (they do go by donations)GIMP that I would recommend. Being a graphic designer I usually use an extense program called Photoshop to edit photos and make graphics, however it can be costly and expensive and like any other software, there is always a need for upgrade and improvement.

GIMP is a simplier version of Photoshop and easy to use. You can create graphics, edit photos and more using GIMP. One good thing about this program that I give a high rating to my clients is, GIMP also offer ALL Kinds of Video Tutorials for the users, from beginners to experts. Better than reading a book anytime or trying to figure out where to start!

Using a good photo editing software is very important. Web Design, graphics and print materials for personal or business use are ALL different and having a tool like GIMP will help you acheive what you need in graphic design or photo editing.

Thumbs up for GIMP!

Official GIMP information, download and tutorials.

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