Google Hummingbird Why this may have effected your search results

Over the past month, many of you may have noticed a drop in search engine results. This maybe due to the fact that Google has recently changed its search platform and has kept quiet about it for over a month now.  This can be a headache, especially if you are working on SEO yourself on your web site.

Due to the way more and more people are using mobile devices for their search, Google has been revamping a few things. This open graph search and mobile user searches, you will have to change the way you post new information on your site.

How can do you change the way you add new content to your site?

Look at it this wayyou have to ask and answer questions according to what your audience will be searching for. These should be in the titles and content of your pages.

Use the words in your posts on your site How, What, When, Where and Why.

Here are some examples for newer search engine results:

  • How to make homemade pasta
  • Where to get free paper
  • What is Lyme disease
  • Where is name of business
  • Why are Pandas endangered
  • How do I clean my motorcycle?
  • What to do if your web site goes down
  • Where is the nearest Red Cross
  • Why do stains reappear in my carpet

Also use search terms that people will be looking for:

  • Free weekend get-aways
  • Growing a garden in the winter
  • The price of gold in Oct 2013
  • 2003 Dyna Lower Rider for Sale

This is changing the way people are searching for items on the web now. When the competitor of Google, such as Bing, started doing smart searches, then Google has changed its platform too. Why are you 1st place on Google and number 20 on Bing.this is why. With stepping up on the same kind of search platform, equals the playing field for which search engine people prefer to use.

How can you market your site better while you work on search engine rankings?

  1. If you are not blogging or posting regular updated information on your siteyou should be. This is the only way that you can gain search engine rankings while using this new way of search. This is how your web site gains rank.
  2. Use your social networks! Every time you have new information on your site, you should be posting and asking people to share on your social networks. Offer specials or contests for people spreading the word about your business. Link back to your article on your site and have people like your page there.
  3. Add ranking stats to your articles you are posting on your site. Google is also looking for interactive sites that allow people to interact on your site. this can be with social share or a star rating system.
  4. Offer a newsletter on your site for people to sign up and get new information as it is posted on your site.
  5. Revamp some of the titles on pages or posts on your site (do not change the URLs if they have already been indexed)
  6. After doing some fine tuning ask Google to recrawl your site (you can do this in Google Web masters)
  7. Use your HEADINGS tags for your articles (like I have above in the bold and larger lettering) for the important questions or statements in your articles or blog.

I will continue to look into better search result rankings  and update you on better ways of making your site climb with the new search engine standards. You are not in the boat alone and there are many that will be working on this new way of being ranked in the big ocean of search engines.