Import your email to Gmail

Many times when starting a web site or online business, you will want your own business email address that is part of your domain name. How do you check your email?  Well one simple solution to checking your email from anywhere, from any browser, smart phone or pad is to set up a free gmail account and import your domain mail there to read. The reason I suggest this now to users is thisyou wont run the risk of losing emails that you need to keep by using this GMail system to check your email.

First create a free Gmail account. If you already have a Gmail account, log in

Step 1 Go to settings

Step 2 From the drop down menu click on settings

Step 3 Select Accounts and Import from the top menu under settings

Step 4- Go the section Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) and click on the link to add a POP3 account you own.

A window will open. > Enter in the email address you want to add. Click Next Step.

On the next step you will see your email address you entered. Enter in your user name for that email account. This is usually the FULL email address. Enter in your password. Make sure the POP server is and choose the port number if different from the default of 110.

Save Changes and the window will close.

You will see that email address now added to your Gmail account.



To send out emails from your business address (same address as you just added) lets go onto Step 5.

Step 5 Under Send mail as click on the link to Add another email address you own

A pop up window will appear.

Enter in your name you want viewers to see when they receive an email.

Enter in the email address

Check the treat as an alias and click Next Step

Select Send through Gmail (for easy set up)

Click Next Step

Click on Send verification

Now click on inbox to the side for your verification email. You are done.

NOW anytime from anywhere that you want to check your email you can do it.