Want something to post about?

Posting on a site is VERY important. This gives your site updated content, ongoing so you have new content for search engines to see, people to find you using keywords for searches and rank higher in search engine listings. Keep it going!

What to post about?

You can post about anything, however I suggest theser few tips for posting new content on your site.

Categorize your posts.

Events, news, general, sports, cooking, recipies, etc

If you have a business site and want to post something personal about yourself, then keep the two conponents seperate.

If you have a personal web site, then anything listed business wise, keep seperate.

Always reflect who you really are in your posts.

USE KEYWORDS in your postings that others will find new information about you when doing a search.

Link to other posts that are RELEVANT or pages on your site.

Always link back to any news and articles you find on the web. Where you found them and credits. This information you get elsewhere to share on your site, is protected under a copyright law.

These simpleĀ  tips will help you in building a better web site.