Post or Page Whats the Difference in WordPress?

When adding new content to a site developed in WordPress  it is important to keep fresh and new content on your site if you want to gain search engine rankings. So whats the difference between a post and a page on a WordPress developed site? Well let me tell you thisyou WANT to use your POST section of your site.

WordPress Pages

These are static pages on your site that rarely ever change. Example, your contact page. These should be at a minimum and set up not to be added to for long term on your site.

WordPress Posts

These are online information, stories, blogs, specials or anything that will be changing from time to time on your site. The more you post, the more search engines look at your site and rankings go up because of the new content.

Why is posting important?

Most SEO programs tell search engines to look at certain parts of your site. If you plan on posting a lot, then it would crawl your site on a daily basis, or weekly, or monthly. The more you post, SEO can tell the search engines to crawl your site as often as needed to rank you new content. Static pages get less crawling by search engines because they see then as static pages and crawl less often to those elements of your site.

Example of SEO settings for Pages verses Posts

Pages index monthly
Posts index weekly

In this case the search engines review your site and know which are your static pages and indexes them in search engine results and doesnt look again unless something changes on them in a months time. However the posts on your site are being crawled weekly so that search engines can index and list your content.