Professional Web Site Tips

When creating a web site, not only do you need a custom graphic design look that expresses what you want others to know but there are other tips to help you looking professional.

Update your content for your viewers. New content is what the search engines are looking for. Stagnant and old content get bumped back in search engine results compared to those sites that update and keep search engines spiders crawling on their site.

Get a professional email address Presenting yourself as professional as possible makes a big difference. most hosting companies offer email service so that you can have your own. This also allows you to have more control over spam controllers and spamassasins that other emails services have like AOL that can block or spam some incoming mail as well as block yours from getting to your clients. Email is easy to check through a browser or a program using Outlook / Outlook express / Horde or your hosting company may have login services.

When needing a web site do NOT put an under contruction page up. Most hosting companies by default have these already when you purchase hosting for your website. You hosting should be set up as one of the last things you do. An under construction page will tell the search enigines there isnt anything there and who knows when they will crawl your site again. To others it looks like you were not planned, prepared or ready.

Do not use counters on your web site. Numbers are concrete to viewers. These are not actual hits and visitor hits you need to know and you certainly dont want other people looking at these either. To many hits it maybe unbelieveable and someone may leave. To small of a number can look just as bad or even worse. If you want to know visitors and hits to pages on your site, make sure your hosting company offers trackers that you can view such as webalizer or awestats. These are available to you through a browser and can give you complete details of who visits your web site, where they are coming from and what pages on your website that most people are interested in.