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Common Questions and Truthful Answers!

Finding a web designer or developer you can trust can be a task.  There are basic questions and answers you should ask and look for. There are common questions you should ask a web designer or developer before committing to a project.

See if they have testimonials from other clients.

Ask a question that you know the answer to get an honest response. Some of my best clients came to me by testing me with questions. Honesty is the best policy in this business since there are so many horror stories about doing business on the internet.

Shop around and see what others have to offer, their experience and dont always settle on the cheapest price around.

Domains (3)

Where do I purchase a domain?

You can purchase your domain from any number of domain registrars on the internet. Make sure you follow these guidelines for safety and security of your investment.

Always purchase the domain in and account just for you that you can manage. If you need help with this, your service or web provider can help you. Never have someone else buy the domain for you without it being in a personal account for yourself. If someone buys it for you, make sure they set up your own account first and buy it from your own account.

Best practice is purchase your domain from a reliable source. Ask me and I can have your own account set up to manage your own domain. if you must purchase in your own account and manageable one is GoDaddy.

What extension is best for a domain?

Depending on what you are doing on the internet and what you are going to market your business as, can depend on what type of extension you want for your domain.

.COM is the most popular so try and search for a domain that includes a .com (even if that isnt going to be your primary extension)

.NET is second common but be sure that if your domain search of the .COM is taken that it isnt a competitor. if not then a .NET is fine.

.INFO of course if you are using an information site

.GOV is a government official site

.MIL is an official military extension

.EDU is educational

But there are so many others. it all depends on how you want to market your web site.

Do I own my domain when I purchase it?

If you have every tried to purchase a domain, you should know that basically you are renting the use of that domain name and can not actually purchase a domain. Domains can typically be rented from a min of 1 year and up several years in advance.

Graphic Designs (1)

How much is the charge for a graphic design?

Depending on what type of graphic design you need depends on the cost. Rates start at $25 per hour and depending on the project a min amount of hours may be required.

Contact me for a quote.

Hosting (1)

What hosting is best?

Depending on the web project you have, the development of the site and what future plans you may have for your site, can depend on what type of hosting you need.

I say the safest bet is on a Linux Server. If you arent sure, ask me. I will be more than happy to help you with this or set up hosting for your own account.

You dont need a dedicated hosting plan unless you are planning on selling online with other gateways other than PayPal.

When buying hosting do NOT let anyone set up hosting for you outside of your own personal account to manage your own hosting. Setting up an account at hosting sites are free and prevents future problems if you need to move your site or have someone else manage it.

Web Sites (1)

Getting started on a web site, step by step.

These things you must have in place FIRST before a web site can be built.

1. A domain name

2. Hosting

3. Now your web site can be built.

If you would like more information or have a question, feel free to contact me.

See my web site tutorials