Web and Business Consultations

Web Site Business Consultations

CWebArt offers web site evaluations* and consultations. Our consultations comes from years of experience and the latest technologies to give you what you need and services of what you and your customers want. Tell me what you want and let me show you what I can do to make a successful personal or business website.

What I do in Web Consultations

 New business or personal web sites.

With years of experience and updates on the latest of programming and design techniques, I have the knowledge to guide you in the right direction. I always develop web sites to be added on at a later date if needed as your business grows. I listen to what your dream web design and function are and make recommendations according to what I we know works on the internet and what doesnt according to what your goals are.

 Web Site Reviews

I go through your site and make a list of how I can better your site. Going through sources that you can not see on your website tells me what can be improved or not. Maybe everything is great and you just need a marketing package or a boost in the search engines. If that is the case I can help you with that too.
Here are some of the things I look through in your web site and make recommendations.

  • Over all site appearance and navigational structure
  • Site Optimization
  • Broken links
  • Site Operations
  • Source Codes
  • Over all meta tags for search engines
  • Out of date information
  • Site Maps
  • Image Alt Description Tags
  • Broken Progamming
  • Rankings
  • Google Registry verification code
  • Any information in source code that could be hurting your rankings
  • Site accredidations
  • Relavent Links
  • Anything associated in web development, design and graphics that would be hurting your business or rankings with search engines.

After I go through your site I will make the recommendations and go from there. There is a small fee to go through a site throughly (when extensive programming is involved).

I want to make this a pleasant experience for you AND I want you to have a great internet presense. Your site reflects on me!

*Web site consultations are free of charge if a re design of your web site is under contract. There maybe a small fee depending on the size of the web site for a throughout web site consultation of an existing site.