Think Green When Building a Web Site

Todays business is focased on the environment and how your business is friendly to the environment. Making this known on your web site is what alot of viewers will be looking for.

Some ideas on making your business environmentally friendly by using your website as a tool.

  • If you are a heathcare professional, your website can consist of things like printable online registration forms, online script forms that are emailed to your office ahead of a routine scheduled visit. This not only saves time, but money as well.
  •  List your service on the webpaper directories will be null in the future. make sure you list your business in related business directories, cities, locations and other related places where people looking for similiar interests will be able to find you. More and more people are searching the web everyday and paper advertising is on the downfall. This will cut hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually.
  •  School websites Posting daily updates, newsletters and schedules.even homework assignments on your websites not only saves money from paper,..but also can be translated automatically into other languages, prevents the loss of paper going from school to home, but also can be available for home printout registration forms as well as doctor permission forms, filed trip permission forms and others. This also saves time and money. how many times have you been to register a child for school and there was an office full of people waiting to fill out forms? This way they can do it from home, print them off, fill them in and have all the neccessary papers waiting and ready?
  •  Save gas and look! One of the more growing business on the web is media and virtual tours. If you are a real estate agent or a daycare facility this is a powerful tool for you. Why waste gas for you or a potential buyer by shopping around? do it virtually! 360 Virtual tours are available room by room of property and facilities. Let serious buyers look and THEN contact you who are serious.
  •  Sale your products online ecommerce, shopping carts, paypal, yahoo and google check outs may ample opportunities for more and more people to shop online.

If you work in an industry let people know how your business is environmental friendly.