Video Tutorials Getting Started

When I started the online support system, I decided to put together a stream of do it yourself video tutorials in the simplest and easy way for you to understand, however when doing the research I found such good tutorials already out there. I thought I would post the best that I have found and share them with you (why re-invent the wheel?)and if I cant find one, then I will make one for you.

I think people learn better by watching and repeating the action (think about itthis is how we learned things most of our lives).

Video tutorials are a great way of doing just that! I like the fact that you can watch a video, pause it, re-enact the action and then continue.

When doing a video tutorial online I will also write down the steps for you on the page so you will always have a written version of what the steps are  and print them out if you would like. This also creates a simple list of step by step instructions without all the extra talk you might find in some video tutorials.

When emailing a client step by step instruction I type it it in easiest way possible. BAM > BAM > BAMyour done!

Sample of written tutorial instructions

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The way I write in simple instruction has helped businesses manage their sites the quickest possible way. I dont try and explain all of the developer details cause it really doesnt matter if you would like to get in, update your site and see the end results.

Look for the best new video tutorials that I have found or made for you under Web Talk.