Want traffic to your site! Post it!

How you can drive more traffic to your site by posting!

If you are using WordPress as your web platform you know how I stress importance of posting on your site. It isnt only because search engines are not only looking for new and updated sites for information but also because you can take your post on your site and share that with your social communities. The more you share, the more it links back to your site driving your traffic up!

So how does this work?

Instead of telling your fans on Facebook what is going on, post it on your site.

NextMake sure you are logged into your social network sites and then hit one of the share buttons on your post or page. This will share with any of the social network you have selected. Thats it!

If you have a special, an announcement, sale, new gallery pic.post it, share it and ask that others share. The end result is they go to your page on your web site, like that page or post.and againdrive more traffic to your site.

You will find that posting on your site and sharing cuts down on time to have to re-post separately on each of your social networks. All it is now is a click of a button!


You want Google rankings? Start driving people back to your site.

Use your share buttons and post that teaser to get them to come back to your site.

FYI Google doesnt index your Facebook posts so you are only targeting part of your web audience.