Web site pictures resolutions!

Picture Resolutons

One important thing that most people do not describe to their clients is how pictures should be edited for the web.

One common problem is slow loading pictures or your web page loads to slow.

This is because the web uses a certain RESOLUTION for web site pictures and for them to load fasterthan lets say, sending a picture by email to a friend, or printing them out.

Standard web site resolution for pictures to display on a web site is a 72 dpi resolution.

The DPI stands for dots per inch.  Normal camera resolutions are between 150 and 300 dpi.which are much larger for web sites than needed and will cause your pages and pictures to load slow. These resolutions are usually for printing since they need a higher resolution to print a clearer picture.  If you own or using a digital camera, usually you can find in the settings where to change the pictures to a smaller resolutuion if you are taking pictures JUST for a web site. If you are going to be taking pictures for both printed objects and web site, I would suggest taking them always at the highest resolution and editing them to a lower resolution. If you start at a lower resolution and try to use them for print, you will find that the pictures are usually to small for print and if you try and make them bigger, they will turn out grainy (which you dont want and you cant fix it).

If you need a photo editing software, I recommend Adobe Photoshop (depending on what you need to do they have alot of different editing programs)  or see my review for the free version of GIMP.

TIP Always take pictures at a higher resolution and reduce as you need them.