Windows 8 A whole new ballgame!

If you get a new Windows PC or are thinking on updating to the new Windows 8 this is a whole new ball game! Combining the normal windows experience with mobile apps. this is like operating two systems in one. Be patient as you learn this new operating system, as their are no instructions on how to use this and many hot keys in operations, which can be frustrating till you learn how to use them. one important feature that is missing is the regular Windows Start button. There is a way to add this feature back to your Windows 8, so just ask me how.

There are a few good videos on that are good to watch explaining the new Windows 8 and simple for beginners.

Windows 8 for beginners Part 1

Windows 8 for beginners Part 2


Like any new operating system, there are some great advantages and some disavantages to learning a new operating system. This new operating system is for mobile device syncing, touch screen combatible, and the use of a live account you can access your favorites, apps and saved shared files from any PC anywhere just by signing into your Live account.

I advise taking a couple of days and really getting to know this new operating system. It is going to be something you really like or not.