WordPress Admin Menu to Much for You? Here are some solutions

WordPress Admin Menu to Much for You? Here are some solutions

If you have a complex WordPress site and adding all the plugins can add more to your WordPress admin menu. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for some. You can really simplify your WordPress admin menu. So here are a couple of solutions.

Making your admin menu as simple as possible.

Set up a user profile as a contributor

You can do this by going to Users > New User and set up a profile for yourself as a Contributor or Author. This allows you to post articles by just having the post option on your admin menu. You of course can update your own personal profile on your site. Simple!

Whats the difference between Contributor and Author?

Contributor is in the simplest form that can post content to our site.

Author is the next level higher that leaves media and comments open for the user.

If you want to find out more, just sign in as the ADMIN and go to Users > find your alternate profile (NOT your Admin profile) > scroll over and click edit and set your alternate profile up as a Contributor or Author. Sign out.

Sign back in as your personal profile and go to your dashboard and see the options available to you. You can decide for yourself which one you like best. I am sure it will be a breath of fresh air.

Install the Admin Menu Editor

If you just want to be an admin but cut down on some of the admin menu options, then try the plugin for WordPress called admin menu editor. This is a drag and drop application that allows you to hide some of the options in your menu. Just dont hide the admin menu editor or you cant adjust the menu anymore.

Option one is the simplest solution for making a very simple admin menu area for yourself to keep things simple.

This is also helpful when adding staff or other people to post on your site. It allows them to post and update their profile and nothing more. (dont want to overwhelm the staff now do we ).