WordPress for Beginners

Understand using the WordPress application in EASY terms.

WordPress is a power application SHELL that can be installed on your hosting to create and manage a site through the CMS or content management system. It started out as a powerful blogging tool that allowed people to POST news and updates on their site through any browser, anywhere in the world. Now a lot of sites are built using the SHELL of WordPress so that people can create and manage their own sites, media, pages, etc. A content management system like this would have cost thousands of dollars to build. Since WordPress has done such a phenomenal job in keeping up to date with browser support, internet rankings and lightweight and easy to use, it is the choice for web developers everywhere. It can cut the cost of web development and can cut time it takes to get a site up and running in days where it could have taken months or even years to build a site that could be managed by clients.

How to use WordPress in a nutshell. Just for Beginners!

Dashboard This is the main page when logging into your administrative area. you can create and arrange this the way you want, anywhere from comments, posts, drafts of material to seeing your Facebook updates all at the same time.

Posts This is blog material. I hate to use the word blog sometimes, because people think of a diary online. This can be used for press releases, local events,  updates about yourself or your businessor even online tutorials, like I have done. The more you use thisthe more updated information is added to your site and search engines eat this up!

Media This is your own site library of content, from documentations, to videos and pictures.

Links These are links to other sites or pages you can have an option to show on your site.

Comments You can opt in or out of having people post comments on your site. You can use this for customer reviews or testimonials too.

Appearance  WordPress is designed to be made in a template format so that you entering in your content has a seamless design. I create custom WordPress Templates so I can give you a look other than the thousands who might be using a pre-made template. Just contact me for a free quote.

Plugins  WordPress installation is just a SHELL to help you get started on building a site to manage. Plugins are options you want to have on your site. Lets say you want an event calendarplug it in. Or a Google site map and analyticsjust plug it in.

Users these are subscribers to keep updated on your site changes. There are various roles people can have on your site, adding new content for your company, updating the POSTS on your site, updating the calendaretc. The administrator can assign different roles for different users.

Tools This is the area where you would probably never have to go. This is more for the developer to understand.

Settings General settings, on administrator, how your site will display materials and how the formats are laid out for search engines. All if these are set by the developer of your site. If you have plugins installed on your WordPress site, this is where you will find most of the settings for each of them.

I hope this helped a quick and easy way of understanding a WordPress system.