WordPress Identify your Spammers

Great review on the Wang Guard plugin for WordPress users.

If you are using WordPress as your content management system, you may get splurges of users signing up on your site from time to time and these are usually caused by spam bots circulating and identifying WordPress sites. How do you stop them as they come in without monitoring your site on a daily basis and have to clean out users?

What can you do for WordPress sites to prevent spamming and spam bots signing up as users?

Here is what you should do on a WordPress site. If you get spammers or spam bots coming to your site, mark these as SPAM. This prevents them coming back and trying to register again under the same names if you just delete them.

Always set your comments to be approved before posted. Or you can always set admin to be notified of posted comments.

If there is not a need for people to sign into your site, then dont use the sign in or registration form.

Use WANG GUARD as a plugin to identify these spammers and spam bots. They already have the database containing emails and user names etc that will identify these from legitimate users and subscribers to your site. The more your report spammers the more of them will be blocked.

WangGuard also has a graph on your dashboard showing you what they have stopped so far.

I have tried Wang Guard in the past and it has worked but it caused the dashboard to load slow. So I tried it again recently and it has made more improvements over the years! Really working great and fast this time ?

If you need help installing and configuring Wang Guard for your WordPress site, let me know.

Get Wang Guard plugin here. You have to set up an account with them to get your API key, but it is worth it.