WordPress Posting Where to begin video

If you are set up on a WordPress system you will notice in your admin panel that you have a section for posting. This is ongoing information blogging that will be important to your site. Think of something you can post about. Events, galleries, specials, changes, discussion and the list goes on. What is extremely important is that you do it!

Posting helps keep new content on your site and keeps the search engines crawling on your site. Its not a stale ole site anymore, so dont let it be.

Use this high important tool to boost your search engine rankings and visitors coming back to your site for more information.

First I would get organized about how and what types of categories you would like to post. I always suggest doing some categories FIRST and tags to start posting. You can always add later to these on the fly.

Under the POST section you will see the following options:

Edit or All Posts  gives you a list of posts you have already created or in draft to edit and repblish them

Add New Add a new post to your site.

Categories These are categories and descriptions of those categories that will be relevant to your site (example cars, tires, windshields, accessories etc)

Tags These are just as important as your posts are. These are the keywords for that particular post.

When someone goes to your site they should be able to see your categories and tags for each post. When a visitor views a post and they see carsthey can click on that category or tag and it will take them to all of the relevant previous posts you have made that were also listed under cars.

Here is a video for beginners that I found that explains this to you.